• Cardamom Sticky Buns | Jam & Bread | Matthew Smedal
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    Cardamom Sticky Buns

    What would happen if an American Sticky Bun fell in love with a Swedish Cardamom Bun? Cardamom Sticky Buns is what. Say hello to these super soft, super pillowy, ever-so-slightly sophisticated sweet rolls topped with an indulgent yet not overly-sweet cream…

  • Multigrain Seeded Bread | Jam & Bread | Matthew Smedal
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    Multigrain Seeded Bread

    My Multigrain Seeded Bread is chock full of chia, bulgar, and flax, topped with oats and sweetened with just enough honey and molasses to make it irresistible. Like any bread it's a project, but one that is mostly hands-off.